Welcome to the Historical Khiops Documentation

This website serves as an archive for historical Khiops documentation, binaries, and license support. It is specifically tailored for users who rely on versions before the Khiops open source (10.1) and operate under the historical Orange S.A. license.

New to Khiops or Using a Recent Version:

If you are discovering Khiops for the first time or are using a recent version (version 10.1 or later), we invite you to visit our new documentation site at Khiops.org. Khiops has transitioned to an open-source model and is now available under the BSD-3-Clause-Clear License.

Existing Users on Older Versions:

This site will continue to support your legacy needs by providing essential documentation, binaries, and license support. However, we strongly recommend considering an upgrade to the latest version of Khiops for enhanced features and support.

Thank you for visiting our historical Khiops documentation site.

The Khiops Team